While many Americans sit down everyday to a delicious and healthy meal, 40 million others in the U.S. struggle with putting food on the table – that’s a staggering 1 in 6 people.


Though the numbers are daunting, there are ways we can help kick hunger.

As a sustainable salmon company, Verlasso is especially passionate about feeding those in need. In fact, we believe that responsible fish farming has the potential to help feed world populations. With 90% of wild seafood species depleted or exploited, this is work we take seriously.

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Not only do we believe in raising our salmon with an ever-conscious eye towards their health, but we are also committed to protecting the precious ecosystems surrounding our farms.  With these systems in place, we are able to feed more and more people in a truly sustainable way.

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And for these reasons, we are thrilled to once again partner with the Taste of the NFL (TNFL) to help combat hunger.

What is TNFL?

Since 1992, the Taste of the NFL has recruited the country's top chefs and the NFL's greatest players to raise money in support of food banks throughout the United States. The culminating event is the TNFL “Party With A Purpose” which takes place on Super Bowl eve.  

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What is the Kick Hunger Challenge?

Leading up to the “Party With A Purpose,” the Kick Hunger Challenge is a fundraising campaign to motivate football fans, chefs, and players alike to donate meals to those struggling with food security.

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How can YOU help?

Help us reach our goal of donating 20,000 meals to the TNFL and Kick Hunger Challenge!

It’s so simple:

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  1. Take a photo of your seafood meal – it can be a dish you made yourself OR one you order at a restaurant (and it can be anything – salmon, shrimp, scallops, you name it).

  2. Upload your photo to Facebook, Instagram, OR Twitter with the hashtag #KickHungerChallenge or #KickHungerChallenge2019. (Be sure your account is public so we can find your photo!)

For every seafood meal posted, we’ll donate TWO meals to participating food banks. And the incredible part is that the TNFL works with food banks in every NFL team city.

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This small act will support food banks across the country in helping hungry men, women, and children know what it feels like to have a full belly. Plus, one lucky person who participates will win an NFL jersey with the team & player of their choice – be sure to tell us which team you’re rooting for!

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