Broiling fish gives you the rich, caramelized flavor of the grill with less fuss.

Broiling is a high heat cooking method in the oven that comes from top heat only. Nearly all types of fish cook well using this method. Oily fish, such as Verlasso salmon, tastes especially good when broiled. Because broiling uses very high heat, salmon cooks quickly - usually less than four minutes per side. Be mindful of the cooking time to keep the fish from getting too dry. 

Seasoning salmon varies depending upon your taste preference and the recipe. Salmon responds well to marinades, especially marinades with wine or citrus juices. Because it has a delicate flavor, marinate salmon no more than four hours in the refrigerator. When broiling Verlasso salmon, score the skin side several times with a knife on the diagonal about one quarter inch deep. Space the cuts evenly apart. This will prevent the salmon from curling up as it cooks. If the salmon is extra thick, brown it lightly first in a skillet. Before placing under the broiler, lightly oil or butter your salmon to prevent sticking and help retain moisture. When ready, salmon should be slightly caramelized or browned on the outside and moist and opaque on the inside.

How to Broil Verlasso Salmon

  1. Heat the broiler on high.
  2. Brush the broiler pan with oil. Use grape seed, peanut or canola oil - it will not burn as easily as olive or vegetable oil.
  3. Season or prepare the Verlasso salmon and brush with oil or clarified butter.
  4. Place the salmon skin-side down on the pan and place under the broiler.
  5. Cook the salmon to desired doneness, turning once - usually 4 minutes each side.
  6. Serve immediately.

Featured Recipe

Try this Wasabi and Sesame Broiled Verlasso Salmon with Quinoa, Roasted Red Pepper and Bok Choy. The salmon is cooked under the broiler for just a few minutes per side in this easy and convenient method of preparation.