Six years ago, Verlasso Salmon revolutionized farmed salmon by introducing a feed model that utilized 1 pound of feeder fish to raise 1 pound of salmon when the industry standard world wide exceeded 4:1. This breakthrough, along with other attributes on the water dramatically changed the way in which the NGO community viewed how ocean-raised salmon could be farmed sustainably. This outlook and promise changed the way in which the industry viewed feed models. Innovations soon followed that allowed organizations such as Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch to recommend ocean-raised salmon. Salmon that was categorically “avoid” now had a chance to navigate to “ Good Alternative” or better. Six years ago, Verlasso Salmon became the first ever ocean-raised farmed salmon to be recommended as a “good alternative”.

To ensure the vitality of our fish supply and continued benefit from them—we must evolve our relationship to the ocean’s resources. In short, what was yesterday’s solution is likely not the best solution for today. The key is adaption in an effort to make the harvesting of fish more sustainable for the long-term. The greatest form of impact in that adaption process is deeply rooted in our motivation and commitment to continuous improvement. The great news is that now raising sustainable fish and seafood is no further than a decision away. 

At Verlasso, we are marking a new innovation milestone. We are proud to announce that this month, the Verlasso salmon being harvested is the first salmon fully fed with our new non-GMO feed. Coming out of our stunning site located in beautiful Melinka, in the XI region of Chile.  This makes Verlasso salmon one of the first Atlantic salmon ever to be raised on a fully non-GMO diet. This means that from the time the fish goes into the ocean, they are being given the same algae based feed, rich in Omega 3’s that creates Verlasso’s flavor profile. Additionally, we have replaced all of the ingredients in the feed for non-GMO components including organic corn and soy.   

We are confident that with this new feed model you will find Verlasso to have the same taste profile that it is known for. Verlasso has thought through and tested these feed model changes and continues to deliver a moist, firm fish, buttery in texture with the bright vibrant color that you have come to expect and that is uniquely known as Verlasso.  A salmon ideal for restaurant chefs as well as home cooks looking for consistency and ease of cooking.

We are committed to doing our part by raising one of the most sustainable salmon. By evolving aquaculture to meet both environmental concerns and an ever-growing demand for fish. Our approach is adaptive, meaning we plan to continuously improve our farming practices while staying committed to sustainability, our health and the health of our oceans. This new feed model is the first of many new attributes that we have defined as our goals over the next three years including being fully ASC certified as well as antibiotic and chemical free. We are aware that we need to continue to be smarter about the way we use our precious resources. The oceans have an incredible way of rebounding when balanced fishery and aquaculture management is put in place.
Thank you for all of your support!

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