About Verlasso Salmon

Verlasso salmon is a delicious fish with a bright and delicate flavor. It has slightly higher fat content than wild salmon, giving it a buttery yet firm texture and making it a very versatile smoked product. At Verlasso, we are committed to adapting our farming practices to ensure the future availability of salmon, and to product a healthy and delightful salmon today for you to enjoy.

Sliced Smoked Atlantic

After more than a century of perfecting their technique, Blue Hill Bay has earned its reputation as the nation's foremost brand of all-natural, preservative-free smoked salmon. Natural green tea and celery extracts and aromatic hardwood smoke combine to cure and infuse the fish with its signature flavor, resulting in the world's finest, all-natural smoked salmon. Verlasso has partnered with Blue Hill Bay to bring you this premium product, which makes a delicious addition to pasta, crostini, traditional blini and more.

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Blue Hill Bay is a registered trademark of Acme Smoked Fish Corporation.