Our Story

Verlasso’s driving force has been the call for a more responsible aquaculture worldwide. It guides all of our business efforts and continues to shape our approach for the long-term.

We are taking the lead in establishing a new model for fish farming, one that’s always in balance with nature. It’s an evolutionary way of thinking about—and raising salmon.

Located in Patagonia, an environment ideally suited to salmon farming, Verlasso is a vital part of the local aquaculture industry. We are committed to supporting the local workforce and establishing a progressive workplace.

We have partnered with leading industry experts to make our innovations a reality. Our standards are guided by the World Wildlife Fund’s sustainability goals, and we are continuously adapting our practices to ensure harmony with the natural world.

Our planet’s oceans and their long-term ability to be a source of nutrition requires innovation on the scale made possible by companies like AquaChile. AquaChile’s improvements in farming practices have yielded a unique strategy that allows Verlasso to raise salmon in harmony with the natural world.