Who Cares About Seafood Traceability?

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By Verlasso Salmon

January 28, 2013

The Denver Business Journal  recently featured a story about our “harmoniously raised salmon,” titled “These joyful salmon probably don’t work for scales.” The article cited our closer-to-wild taste, preservation of the ocean’s natural resources, but it also raised some questions about the importance of seafood traceability. 

Both NBC’s Today Show  and NPR’s The Salt  recently reported on a study by Oceana  that showed extensive mislabeling of fish at a variety of outlets. If you’re a fan of NPR’s This American Life , you may have also heard the study cited in the January 11 episode Doppelgangers.  

It’s just not right that consumers aren’t getting the fish they wanted or believed they were paying for. For consumers to make smart, sustainable choices that help preserve our ocean’s natural resources, seafood traceability – the ability to track fish from water to table – is more important than ever.

We at Verlasso® have taken a proactive approach to traceability. As The Denver Business Journal mentioned in their column, we use QR-coded Gill Tags that allow distributors, retailers, restaurants and consumers to track every fish back to the farm where it was raised. Discerning and environmentally conscious retailers, chefs and consumers want to know where their food comes from. They want to know they can trust the source – and the label.

At Verlasso, we are continuously improving our aquaculture methods to ensure the availability of salmon today and for generations to come. Our QR-coded Gill Tags are just one of the many steps we are taking to achieve that goal.

If you happen to be in Denver, we invite you to stop by one of the locations that already offer Verlasso salmon to taste the difference that Harmonious Aquaculture makes. We’re currently available at Jax Fish House, Lola, Café Vino in Fort Collins and more, Oliver’s Meat Market, Tom’s Seafood & Specialties, Lucky’s Market  and the Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel

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