From preparing and setting a holiday table to wrapping gifts – we have tips for tiny tweaks that will lead to a more sustainable holiday.

The Gifts: 25 percent more trash is generated in November and December than any other time of the year – that’s a lot of wrapping paper! On average, every American family wraps three gift, so if we swapped torn paper for...

Verlasso has taken on the commitment to produce their salmon in a “sustainable” way. This is a term that is thrown around a lot today, and there seems to be some confusion about what it really means.

The most succinct definition, I think, is one made by the Brundtland Commission back in 1987. Part of the United Nation’s World Commission on Environment and...

Thank you Chef Jan Loov from Texas Spice Restaurant for this incredible recipe.  With a goal of no waste at all times, Chef Jan has created this delicious recipe with the trimmings of Verlasso Salmon.


1 Verlasso Salmon flesh and trimmings no bones or skin

3 whole eggs

About 1 ½ cup heavy cream



1 cup raw shrimp

1 cup of pasteurized...

Whether you were a first time visitor to the Monterey Bay Aquarium or a lifelong ocean advocate, the early October Cooking for Solutions event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium was one not to miss!  

Kitchen science expert and ocean advocate, Alton Brown joined Verlasso and over 50 restaurants and chefs at the Aquarium to discover how easy it is to "Make It...

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Blogger Lisa Lillien a.k.a. Hungry Girl today posted a list of four "superfoods" to supercharge your diet, including quinoa, chia seeds, swiss chard, and kefir! "Time to supercharge your diet, people. Maybe you're eating these things already -- good for you! -- but maybe you're stuck in a food rut that needs a little healthy shake up," she said. Check out the...

It's always exciting when we come across chefs using Verlasso in ways we may have not see before. By discovering pictures of his beautiful meals on Instagram, we were introduced to Michael Scipione, a private chef and personal trainer with a vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Michael is committed to delivering healthy,...

"It's ok to use the oceans, it's not ok to use them up."  This was the succinct, and eminently tweetable, summary of the Economist Magazine’s World Ocean Summit offered by Jane Lubchenco, currently a professor at Oregon State University and former Administrator of NOAA.

The World Ocean Summit brought together about 300 people divided between NGOs, government...

To make cooking with Verlasso® salmon easy and efficient, here are a few choice tools and equipment that we like to keep around the kitchen. 

1.       Fish Knife

With a pliant, narrow blade that thinly cuts and finely trims, a fish knife is specially designed to bone, fillet or remove the skin from salmon.

Try this Wüsthof Classic Fish Fillet Knife from ...

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