Meet Hector Javier Parra Mansilla, Head Farmer at Queten

1. How long have you worked in the fish farming industry?

 I started 20 years ago

2. What made you start working in this industry? How did you start working here? Why?

What influenced me to work in this industry was the contact with nature. What drew me to AquaChile and Verlasso was the family...

Bucket List for Fall!

by Verlasso Salmon

September 15, 2016

Fall has arrived! This beautiful season gives us so much joy because changing weather, the many family activities and, the best part, delicious food. This season goes by fast and we’ve gathered our favorite activities to help you enjoy it with family and friends:

Apple orchard: if you love the taste of apples, try apple picking at a local orchard. You can eat...

Broiling fish gives you the rich, caramelized flavor of the grill with less fuss.

Broiling is a high heat cooking method in the oven that comes from top heat only. Nearly all types of fish cook well using this method. Oily fish, such as Verlasso salmon, tastes especially good when broiled. Because broiling uses very high heat, salmon cooks quickly - usually...

Looking for the perfect compliment to grilled Verlasso salmon? Whether you prepare it on skewers or cedar planked, these two dipping sauces - arugula chimchurri and cumin crème fraîche -  are sure to please.  

For the arugula chimichurri

This traditional chimichurri takes on a new twist with the addition of arugula and mint, though you can use any leafy green...

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Blogger Lisa Lillien a.k.a. Hungry Girl today posted a list of four "superfoods" to supercharge your diet, including quinoa, chia seeds, swiss chard, and kefir! "Time to supercharge your diet, people. Maybe you're eating these things already -- good for you! -- but maybe you're stuck in a food rut that needs a little healthy shake up," she said. Check out the...

It's always exciting when we come across chefs using Verlasso in ways we may have not see before. By discovering pictures of his beautiful meals on Instagram, we were introduced to Michael Scipione, a private chef and personal trainer with a vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Michael is committed to delivering healthy,...

"It's ok to use the oceans, it's not ok to use them up."  This was the succinct, and eminently tweetable, summary of the Economist Magazine’s World Ocean Summit offered by Jane Lubchenco, currently a professor at Oregon State University and former Administrator of NOAA.

The World Ocean Summit brought together about 300 people divided between NGOs, government...

To make cooking with Verlasso® salmon easy and efficient, here are a few choice tools and equipment that we like to keep around the kitchen. 

1.       Fish Knife

With a pliant, narrow blade that thinly cuts and finely trims, a fish knife is specially designed to bone, fillet or remove the skin from salmon.

Try this Wüsthof Classic Fish Fillet Knife from ...

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